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Transforming Trash to Triumph

This inspirational story revolves around Neha Yadav, a dedicated individual from FINISH Society, who played a crucial role in transforming a problem-ridden area near Ward Number 59 in Udaipur, located approximately 2 kilometers from the Municipal Corporation office. Initially, the site had become a hotspot for indiscriminate dumping, with municipal workers picking up garbage in the morning and ended up becoming a  garbage dump. It was challenging to identify responsible individuals for dumping waste in the beginning. Subsequently, Neha Yadav, a natural leader in the community, organized a community meeting with local residents. Utilizing the support of natural leaders and community members, Neha initiated a door-to-door campaign, encouraging people not to dump waste on the site and emphasizing the importance of dedicated garbage collection vehicles. Additionally, local women in the vicinity actively contributed by creating a vibrant, cleanliness-inspired rangolis in the area. As part of this effort, a continuous seven-day cleanliness drive was carried out.

Acknowledging the continuous challenges faced by women due to the early time schedule  of garbage collection, Neha, in collaboration with other community leaders, conducted discussions to understand the issues at stake. It was discovered that the residents were often unaware of the arrival of the garbage collection vehicle due to the early hours of operation. In response to this feedback collected through these rounds of discussions, the route chart for door-to-door garbage collection was modified, and the scheduled operation of the garbage collection vehicle was set at 8:00 am to ensure residents were aware of its presence. To address concerns, a visible alarm was installed to alert residents about the imminent arrival of the garbage collection vehicle.

In this process, a local resident and environmental leader, Shoaib  Ali Khan, thoughtfully initiated the establishment of a fast-food stall in the dump area. This not only created a sustainable livelihood for Shoaib but also played a crucial role in discouraging people from dumping garbage at that location. The success of this initiative demonstrated the capacity to positively impact

Neha initiated a door-to-door campaign, encouraging people not to dump waste on the site and emphasizing the importance of dedicated garbage collection vehicles.

environmental conservation through successful entrepreneurship.

Under the leadership of Neha  and the FINISH Society team, this area, once burdened by the weight of garbage, has undergone a complete transformation. Shoaib’s fast-food stall not only addressed the issue of garbage dumping but also created a successful micro-business showcasing positive results in conjunction with environmental awareness. Additionally, the reduction in inappropriate dumping on the site has contributed to environmental sustainability, aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. The data from this initiative reflects a significant decrease in the Garbage Vulnerability Point (GVP), demonstrating substantial improvement in environmental stability and community well-being.