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Lucknow-226028, U.P, INDIA.


Research & Knowledge Management

Expanding our work with grass root experiences, FINISH started conducting research & studies in WASH and other sectors since 2012. Our approach for knowledge management is to gather information, analyse, evaluate and share the learnings for widespread multi-disciplinary application. Our research designs are always formulated in close partnership with all stakeholders and experts in the fields to ensure rigour, credibility and fit. Thus, each project design is developed in accordance with the needs of the client

Data collection is conducted by a cadre of well trained and experienced teams. Our experience in having implemented various developmental programs also helps us in better understanding of the social, economic and technical aspects. Our aim is to analyze data and information to develop insights, design and knowledge that can be applied for making informed decisions. FINISH also develops research papers, learning materials, process documents and policy briefs for cross sharing of knowledge on emerging issues.