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Sujata’s Inspiring Journey From Nirsa’s Sirpuria Village

There was a time when economic opportunities for women were very scarce in Sirpuria, a village in Dhanbad. Sujata Tiwari is one of these women. Sujata Tiwari, a determined and ambitious member of RAM ASM SHG group, had a dream to bring a change in her life and contribute to her family’s income. She never dreamed that her journey to fulfill her dream would turn out like this with the support of FINISH Society and Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT), the CSR arm of  Maithon Power Ltd. (Tata Power).
Sujata’s journey began with a ray of hope. She contacted FINISH Society and TPCDT to seek assistance to pursue her dream. These organizations recognized her potential and decided to empower her through skill development. With their guidance, Sujata embarked on the journey of learning the art of soft toy making.
The training days were full of enthusiasm and dedication. Sujata was a very fast learner and picked up the techniques with enthusiasm. Her determination and skill in making high quality soft toys soon became apparent to her trainers.
With her new skills and a heart full of dreams, Sujata decided to take the next step. She wanted to start her own soft toy manufacturing business from her home. To begin with, She secured a loan from her SHG group, which helped her invest in the necessary materials and equipment.

Sujata was not satisfied with just that; she had a vision. Constantly exploring innovative designs and patterns, they aimed to differentiate their soft toys in the market. Her creations were not just toys; They were a reflection of her passion and creativity.

But Sujata’s story did not end with her own success. Inspired by her journey, she decided to pursue it further. She began mentoring and training other women in the village who were interested in making soft toys. This not only created additional income sources for these women but also sparked skill development and entrepreneurship within the community.

Throughout her journey, Sujata remained extremely grateful to FINISH Society and TPCDT. Their unwavering support and guidance played a vital role in turning her life around. With the society’s help, she achieved the financial stability and independence she once believed to be beyond her reach.

In conclusion, Sujata Tiwari’s story is a shining example of the power of skills training and microfinance initiatives in rural communities. Her journey from a dreamer to a successful entrepreneur has not only improved her own life but has also made a positive impact on the lives of other women in Sirpuria village. Sujata’s story is an inspiration, showing us the incredible potential of empowering women through skill development and financial support to uplift communities and foster lasting change.