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Sujat, From Waste Collector To Wealth Generator

This is the poignant and life-changing story of Sujat, originally from West Bengal now settled with his family in Vyas district, Punjab, garnering  livelihood opportunities. Initially, Sujat started a small business collecting and selling scrap, gathering discarded items from various places or purchasing them from people to sustain his family. However, the income from this venture was barely sufficient, making life an ardous challenge.

One day, while Sujat was collecting scrap in his village, he encountered a team from ITC Mission Sunehra Kal and FINISH Society. After a brief conversation, our team learned about Sujat’s struggles and how he was making ends meet with great difficulty.

The objective of ITC Mission Sunehra Kal is to connect people with new employment opportunities. Following discussions with Sujat, our team proposed creating an opportunity where he could earn a regular income. Sujat immediately expressed his willingness to partake of this  opportunity.

To integrate Sujat into a steady income source, the team from ITC Mission Sunehra Kal and FINISH Society devised a plan. It was planned that if every family in Nurpur Jatta village could start collecting waste from each household for a nominal fee, it would solve two problems simultaneously. First, it would provide Sujat with regular employment, and second, it would address the issue of collecting and managing waste effectively within the community. When asked if he was ready to be part of this  initiative, Sujat initially had some doubts. He wondered whether people would be willing to pay for waste collection, as their usual practice had been to dispose of waste randomly. To address his concerns, the team convened a meeting with the neighborhood committee and discussed the matter. It was ensured that every household would contribute a small amount towards waste collection, along with the recyclable materials they could sell to Sujat.

Gradually, with persistent efforts from the team, those initially reluctant to participate began to change their minds. Today, every household in the neighborhood entrusts their waste to Sujat for collection. Reflecting on his journey, Sujat shares, “I started collecting waste from house to house in the village. Initially, some people did not give me waste, but slowly, with the team’s persuasion, every household started giving garbage, and today I earn anywhere between  10 to 12 thousand rupees per month. My family’s expenses are going well, and I am living a good life.”

Stories like Sujat’s success inspire us and strengthen our resolve at ITC Mission Sunehra Kal and FINISH Society. Every success story of our fellow companion is what boosts our morale.