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Sakhi Prerna Bhavan ‘Dignity Room’ inaugurated in Nandurbar

FINISH Society is working in partnership with NSE Foundation in Nandurbar block for creating enablers of ODF Sustainability, one aspect of which is to raise awareness about the need for adequate and sustainable menstrual hygiene management facilities for adolescent girls, in schools and beyond, and to advocate for breaking taboos and stigma around menstruation.

The  society is promoting the concept of developing dignity room, a designated clean & functional toilet known as “Pratishtha Kholi- Dignity Room” by liaising with the local government and communities. The dignity room is equipped with the following: 

  • A bucket filled with water
  • A mug
  • Soap hung in a mesh bag inside the toilet
  • Paper cutouts hung on a metal string to wrap used pad
  • A hook with a bag to keep new pad while changing and cleaning
  • A dustbin (Pink colour especially for MHM waste)
  • Incinerator to dispose-of used pads safely
  • Poster on disposal of sanitary waste inside on one of the walls.

Dignity room was developed in Shrirampur GP of Nandurbar Block to promote safe hygiene practices amongst girls. The Nandurbar FINISH Society Team inaugurated the Sakhi Prerna Bhavan at Shrirampur Village in the presence of Chief Guest Adv. Seema Valvi (President ZP), Dr. Varsha Phadod (Dy. CEO, Water & Sanitation Dept. ZP), Dr. Rahul Chaudhari (DEO), Mrs. Pawar (Asst. BDO, PS), Mr. Nikumbhe (Ext. Officer, PS). Initially, dignitaries were welcomed on behalf of the village and FINISH Society Team with a folk dance and song. ZP school HM Mr. Kulkarni & Mr. Rakesh Gurav (CC) gave an introductory speech to address the guests and tell about the work done by the FINISH Society Team till date.

The chief guest cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Sakhi Prerna Bhavan. The Pad vending Machine and Incinerator were also inaugurated by cutting a ribbon by Mrs. Gangurde and the teenage girls demonstrated the working of both to the dignitaries. Later, all the dignitaries visited  the work sites previously developed by the team in the village. They inspected the Grey Water Treatment plant, Hand Washing Station, Retrofitting of Girls Toilet block at Zilla parishad School, Stand post Soak pit and Individual Household compost pit.

In Shrirampur Village, it was an achievement for the team that the Gram Panchayat by observing the retrofitting of girls’ toilet block at Zilla Parishad School, they by themselves approached the team and asked them to do the same for Boys’ Toilet Block from the Gram Panchayat Fund.

To make this event happen at such a large scale, FINISH Society Nandurbar team ensured that the girls from the Village and PRI members are fully aware of the concept. Regular meeting was conducted  with PRI members and the teenage girls along with the key persons of the village to make them familiar with the Sakhi Prerna Bhavan