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Retd. Govt. Officer Spearheads SWM Work In Hardoi

Caste and class distinctions are fraught with deep-rooted biases and prejudices in the Indian hinterland. During  DCM SHRIRAM Foundation Khushali Swachhata project implemented by FINISH Society in Hardoi district, the team faces many unlikely situations, during the worst and best of circumstances. However, the team is able to successfully overcome them because of some people, who selflessly support the Project. A case in point is that of support received from Rajesh Kumar, a resident of the Gupta Colony of Hardoi Ward-5.

When team FINISH Society implemented the work in Ward No. 5, success seemed far away. The team observed that segregation of dry and wet waste and giving it to the sanitation worker was not a part of most people’s daily routine, and when they were repeatedly asked by the team members to change their behaviour and at times reprimanded them for wrong behaviour, the team members also had to face opposition from the people. Some people began to harbour doubts as to how long this kind of good work can be done in a small district like Hardoi. Others had a sneaking belief that because the municipal elections were around the corner, that’s why this type of work was being done at this point in time. It was under these circumstances that work started in Gupta Colony a locality of the ward-5.

When the team reached Gupta Colony, they met with Rajesh Kumar a resident of Gupta Colony. After talking to the team, Rajesh came to know and understood the objective of the organization and this program, and knowing the behaviour of people, Rajesh agreed to come out of retirement and give his full cooperation; not only for his small locality of 13 houses but for the entire ward. When the garbage started getting picked up daily from Gupta Colony, this small colony was transformed quickly into a haven of hygiene. Rajesh, a former assistant development officer of Barabanki district, joined hands with the team and started explaining to the people of other localities. He gave the example of Gupta Colony, to people who till now were never ready to change felt very ashamed. Soon, everyone took a vow that from now on they will give their waste only after separating the dry and wet garbage of their house.
Rajesh fully supports the FINISH Society team in organizing night meetings, cleanliness rallies, and other activities and accompanies the team during door-to-door visits. Even today, Rajesh, along with the team or along with the sanitation vehicle goes out to the ward and personally starts explaining to the people about the benefits of the project.
Today, with the cooperation of volunteers like Rajesh Kumar, it has taken the program to new heights. An activist by disposition, Rajesh participates in many programs for th