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Partnership with UNDP

FINISH Society has joined hands with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) India to create plastic waste free Amritsar city in Punjab. This partnership aims to create a plastic free environment in Amritsar through an integrated, community led, sustainable plastic waste management approach. The project also aims to create enabling environment for livelihood enhancement for informal sector engagements. This collaboration will support the overarching goal of joint partnership between UNDP and Coca Cola India Foundation (CCIF) to minimise the impact of plastic waste on human health and environment. FINISH Society plans to implement this project with a comprehensive integrated approach of mobilizing stakeholders, establishing collection enterprises and Swachhata Kendra, pilot innovations in recycling sector, implementing software application to improve source segregation. Some of the major interventions will be to identify the key actors and key performance indicators. Especially the socio-economic situation of the waste pickers needs to be understood. This understanding enables to identify the issues, opportunities and provides insights how to design the plastic waste management program to get the best results. Several considerations that needs to be taken into account in the design and implementation of the program: • The role of middlemen (kabadiwalas and plastic scrap dealers) is key in the value chain and needs to be taken into account in the design of the program • Informality can hamper the set-up of a formal system • Traceability of waste flows • Gender and child labour