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Nirsa’s Rupali Mondal’s Journey From Passion To Parlour

This is the story of Rupali Mandal. Rupali was just like any other villager, whose hopes and dreams were as bright as the star-studded sky of the village. She had only one dream, to become a skilled beautician and bring a touch of beauty to her community. However, they faced a significant hurdle – limited finances and the cost of vocational training seemed like an insurmountable obstacle.
One day, Rupali’s life took an unexpected turn when she met the people of FINISH Society and Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT). These organizations were working on a project to empower rural women and they believed that the dream of every woman like Rupali should come true. They offered her a life-changing opportunity: the chance to receive extensive training in beautician skills. With the generous support of FINISH Society and TPCDT, Rupali started her journey of learning.
Rupali threw herself into training to become a beautician with unwavering dedication. She began to master various skills, from cutting hair to applying makeup. With each passing day, her proficiency grew, turning her from a novice to a skilled beautician. It was a journey of resilience and unwavering passion for her craft.
Still, Rupali’s path was not easy. There were still financial constraints. Undaunted by these challenges, she took a bold decision – to provide beauty services from her home. Armed with only a few basic tools and a heart full of determination, she began tending to the aesthetic needs of her fellow villagers.
With time, Rupali started building a small but loyal customer base. Word spread about her talent and dedication, and her reputation began to grow. But her dream of setting up her own beauty parlour was yet to be fulfilled due to financial limitations.
This is where her association with the Dhanalakshmi Self-Help Group (SHG) came as a boon. She was a part of the self-help group for women from her village who help each other fulfil their dreams. This change was made possible with the guidance and support of FINISH Society and TPCDT, who recognized the importance of such a group in Rupali’s journey.
With the support of her new SHG family, Rupali took an important step forward. She obtained a loan from her SHG group, a vital lifeline that would enable her to turn her dream into reality. With this collaboration, Rupali set up her own beauty parlour right in the middle of Lagghata village.

Her parlour flourished and became a centre not only of beauty but also of dreams and empowerment. Rupali’s commitment to her art and her community was unwavering. She did not accumulate her knowledge; Instead, she became a guide and trainer and shared her skills and expertise with those who wanted to follow in her footsteps.
As time passed, Rupali’s beauty parlour continued to flourish and her new financial independence greatly improved her quality of life. However, her success was not just about money. It was about the respect and admiration she earned from her community for her dedication and hard work.

Ultimately, Rupali’s story is a testament to the power of believing in one’s dreams and the remarkable support provided by organizations such as FINISH Society & TPCDT. They not only helped her get the necessary training but also secure the crucial loan, thereby turning her dreams into reality.

Rupali’s journey from a dreamer bound by financial limitations to a thriving entrepreneur and teacher serves as an inspiration to women everywhere. It shows that with determination and the strength to overcome challenges, anyone can turn their dreams into a beautiful reality.