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Karauli makes a ‘clean’ break from a cumbersome past

Chander Mahadev

KARAULI, RAJASTHAN: Many call it a communal cauldron, a tinderbox where the two major communities could not see eye to eye on anything, leave alone ushering in the winds of cleanliness and change. In addition to that, the area was recently in the headlines for days on end for incidents of communal strife.

As woman change agent and protagonist Sushila would say: “Karauli is one city in Rajasthan where I believe every person across the divide possesses a streak of negativity. While the reasons are hard to fathom, they don’t believe in doing anything good nor do they cooperate when it comes to doing good work. Every person, child, and even the soil here reeks of negativity,” says she. The 52-year-old trigger team volunteer says this wistfully as she describes the problems, she faced in bringing about change among the residents. Today, her pioneering work has changed the face of this city even as she has emerged as an icon of woman power. She assiduously inspired and motivated the hapless residents to take to the path of cleanliness and become a part of the solid waste management initiative.
But this was not so when work began in July 2021. Not willing to be bogged down by the negative energy pervading the area, the FINISH Society team began work on the Integrated Solid Waste Management project.