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This Karauli Champion Is A Role Model For Cleanliness

Courage is not the absence of fear but the motivation to overcome it. These lines are characteristic of the hero of our story  Brajmohan  Chowdhary son of Giriraj Singh Chowdhary Patel, Gram Panchayat Sanet, Block (Panchayat Samiti)- Shri Mahaveer ji,- District-Karauli of Rajasthan. He played a major role in raising the bar of cleanliness despite being specially abled. He never let his physical infirmities come  in the way of his goals. Armed with his tricycle, he started a self-motivated initiative to make his village clean and sanitized, He started his drive individually without the support of anyone, despite facing humiliation and facing barbs from people of the village for being poorly equipped to lead the way to a clean Sanet. This did not deter him from his goal and even egged him on to change the thinking of the villagers. His enthusiasm and never-say-die spirit cleared the way for  starting a waste management program for the gram panchayat. For the record, Brijmohan Chowdhary was born in 1978 and was the eldest among five siblings. His father and was the headman of the village at that time, and there was not much medical facility for the treatment of his medical condition. Yet the father got  treatment done in Mumbai and Kolkata. During that time, 6 acres of land and 5 kg of silver were sold by his family for his treatment. When he was 8 years old, the doctor clearly said there was very low hope for success. When his condition did not improve, in 1994,  treatment was stopped by the family members. Brijmohan got his major Inspiration from his father, Once his father told all his brothers and sisters during dinner one night that “maybe this was the Karma of our previous birth so you got this medical condition, but you should do some good deeds in your life so that you do not have to suffer the life of hell. Never hurt anyone”. That was the moment when he decided that he would help others as much as possible by devoting his life to public service. At that time he started to worship God and started learning to play the harmonium. From that day till today, he goes to the temple every day so that God may give everyone wisdom. At the same time an  idea struck his mind to embark on social work so that he can serve the people, but somewhere his disability came in the way. For some time he shifted base to Mathura but returned to Sanet after about 2 years.

Meanwhile, In  Gram Panchayat Sanet, people of all castes and religions reside with love and harmony. The population of the village is around 15000. Then he started a campaign in their village in which he started telling people about the harm caused by drugs and took a pledge to make the village drug free. Brijmohan got positive results which I turn gave them the energy. Meanwhile, in May 2022, the NSE Foundation, and FINISH Society team started the clean village initiative in the village under the cleanliness program. A meeting of the Gram Sabha was called for the proposal of cleanliness and the details of the upcoming action plan were presented At first, it seemed that all this was a difficult task for him, since segregating waste was not an easy task. So, while acknowledging the gaps and challenges he helped FINISH Society to conduct a Night Chaupal in the village for the first time and explained to villagers the harms of waste and the benefits of segregation and management of waste. After the Night Chaupal, Brijmohan joined in and studied the action plan of the campaign to make  Sanet a model village of the district. With the support of Brijmohan FINISH Society conduct multiple Night Chaupals, community meetings, general assembly meetings, cleanliness dialogue with children in school, public consciousness rallies for public awareness, a cleanliness campaign with public cooperation, and all kinds of programs was done among the community, which resulted in a change in the village.

 After all these activities, they started  door-to-door garbage collection by providing vehicles in the village. Brijmohan supervised the door-to-door collection voluntarily, and also monitored and motivated source segregation of waste. To assess the cleanliness of the village FINISH Society Village Sanitation Committee of the entire Gram Panchayat level was formed  to speed up the program. In that committee, Brijmohan was entrusted with the responsibility of the chairman of the cleanliness committee with everyone’s consent.

During all these program activity District Collector Mr. Ankit Kumar Singh visited the village  and appreciated the cleanliness program of the village and greeted all the sanitation soldiers by offering flowers as a mark of respect and for the efforts of Brijmohan. The District Collector offered him to sit with them on the stage and took off his garland and put it on Brijmohan as an honour. This was the most emotional moment for him since he no more felt his life was worthless.

The story of Brijmohan is an inspiration and motivation  for the well-being of society