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Research & Knowledge Management

Research & Knowledge Management


FINISH Society actively initiates and participates in advocacy, planning, policy making etc related to sanitation in order to promote innovation and best practices. With an aim to make Sanitation accessible and affordable to all citizens FINISH Society has joined hands with World Toilet Organization (WTO) and WASTE, Netherlands and an MOU was signed between the three parties to this effect. This MoU intends to promote sustainable usage of sanitation systems and support valorization of excreta in sustainable and safe manner which is a first such cooperation agreement in India to help center & state Government in reaching the targets of sanitation & hygiene.

FINISH society also conducts various research and surveys related to the sector. Some of the studies include impact assessment, innovations in sanitation, developing innovative models etc.

FINISH Society is conducting a survey for a research project entitled A Framework Model on MNE's impact on global development challenges in emerging markets (MNEmerge) for Oxford University and European commission for assessing sanitation and its impact on health. The project will be spread across 4 states where data from 2400 Households will be collected. For the data collection, GPS enables tablets will be used by the resource persons to save time and increase accuracy.

  1. Institute of Fiscal Studies, London in collaboration with International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and with FINISH sister concern Rural Development Organization Trust is implementing a project on Community toilet use in slums: willingness to pay and role of informational and supply side constraints.
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