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Finish Strategy

Finish Strategy

FINISH Strategy is to follow a holistic approach by integrating behaviour change with sanitation, hygiene & waste management through increased awareness, supply chain interventions and financial inclusion leading to improvement in quality of life.

FINISH Strategy is to involve and encourage everyone to participate in making the world clean and healthy with incentives in the form of better health, social status or economic gains ultimately enabling safer environment for all.

finish strategy

Our program encourages involvement of community members as workers/enterprisers for contributing to its very own village community. Therefore, taking a different approach to sanitation FINISH aims at creating awareness among the people on the importance of sustainable sanitation & hygiene so that the change achieved thereafter is not temporary.

Towards this the FINISH Program uses a four pronged strategy:

  1. Creating demand for safe sanitation through awareness generation.
  2. Enabling communities to create household sanitation assets by facilitating access to banks, micro finance institutions and government subsidies.
  3. Facilitating supply chain solutions to meet demand on time.
  4. Efficient monitoring to ensure sustainability
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